360 Degree warehouse technology + products

Whether receipt, cross-dock, putaway, pick, replenishment, packing, dispatch, stock taking or perpetual inventory, the right device is essential for performance of both people and materials handling equipment (MHE).


Real time data capture at the point of transaction using 'multi-modal' devices is critical to warehouse operational excellence. Accurate data entry at receipt is necessary to avoid cascading errors in the logistics chain.


First time warehouse barcode scanning is ensured with Honeywell, even with damaged or difficult to read codes, which can be read in one key depression at any angle. If no labels are present, data entry is swift, coupled with reliable communications with printers to provide labels at the receiving dock.


As e-commerce becomes the norm and more "brick and mortar" enterprises adopt multi-channel fulfillment practices, warehouse picking operations require the flexibility to ship pallets to a retail store or individual items directly to a consumer's doorstep.


For fast moving piece picking and pallet building, Honeywell warehouse-ready voice or wearable scanners free the operator's hands, and have been proven to improve pick rates by over 60%. Pallet picking can be undertaken with our industry-leading vehicle mounted devices, featuring large screens, powerful processors, and industry-first technologies that eliminate the primary root causes of device downtime.


Inventory replenishment and optimisation is an extremely complex task, yet it is arguably a critical area for your warehouse. In fact, maintaining proper inventory and taking advantage of forward buy opportunities could have a great impact on your company’s profit.

Packing & Shipping

Packing desks and pallet build areas require fast activity to complete and ship orders. Desk space must be optimised and scanning equipment fast, accurate and ergonomic so that operatives see them as an essential tool, not a hindrance to the process.


The extensive range of Honeywell printers and media includes a solution for any environment or application. Whether you're seeking fixed, mobile, or RFID printers, or media including labels, receipts, tags, ribbons, and RFID media.

Honeywell warehouse scanning solutions have been proven to tick all of these boxes over many years’ experience in warehouse deployments.

Stock Take

To ensure accuracy of inventory levels, use mobile and wireless warehouse inventory management technologies to manage physical inventory in real-time and reduce the number of workers required for conducting cycle count. Direct access into your WMS on ruggedised mobile computers,


coupled with ergonomic and intuitive scanning technology, helps you streamline inventory control processes to not only meet regulatory demands but those of your customers as well.


A warehouse pallet's initial location influences all the processes that follow it. Warehouse Management System (WMS) putaway algorithms only ensure location accuracy if the operator's device allows swift scanning, keying or speaking of the rack or floor location to confirm the transaction.


Honeywell technology is engineered for this purpose, with aggressive warehouse scan performance at all distances, fully-mappable keypads, and our ToughTalk technology that improves voice recognition in noisy environments. Even if the transaction requires an operative to change MHE, our latest vehicle mount computers can be hot swapped between handling equipment

Delivery & Collections

Honeywell mobile computers provide immediate electronic proof of delivery or collection through consignment scanning and either on-screen signature capture or document image capture. Proof of location and proof of attendance can also be obtained using GPS location geo-codes and image capture if there is no recipient confirmed proof of delivery.


Enabling co-operation of barcode scanning and picture taking, whether of an image or a document, in real time within the same application can save drivers 30 seconds or more per data capture transaction, allowing them to complete deliveries faster and with assured accuracy.


GPS navigation drives down fuel costs by providing optimal routes and the basis for dynamic delivery scheduling. Dynamic scheduling allows carriers to move from fixed routes, offering predictable delivery slots when integrated by Honeywell partners into carriers' delivery planning & scheduling systems.


Providing fixed, in some cases hourly, time slots, means carriers can increase revenues by offering premium services in addition to increasing customer satisfaction.